5 Money Saving Tips!

As we start the new year and have splashed the cash at Christmas; people are looking for easy and affordable ways of saving money. Maybe for that perfect holiday or that new house hold appliance they need. I have come up with my 5 top money saving tips to help you reach your goal.

We have always struggled saving money, and with Michael being paid weekly instead of monthly it makes it a little harder for us but we have found little ways to save that have worked for us since. Saving can be hard; I for one know that. You always know that it’s there and its so easy to say ‘Oh well its only £20 for a takeaway”, when in fact you have stuff at home you could cook. I used to do that all the time!

Saving can be very hard, when you have a lot to pay out for and you don’t always have to put £50+ back when you do, so here are my tips for you to use.

Odd Pennies. 

If you use online banking, this would be a perfect and easy way for you to save. When you go and look at your online banking, and see you have for example £396.98 in your bank, get yourself a savers account and send over the 98 pence. Every time you look on your bank, round your current balance down to the pound and put the pennies in the savers. After some time, you will notice how quick the total adds up by. If you’re like me who check their online bank 100 times a day hoping for a miracle then i would recommend this for you.

Odd Pennies pt 2.

If you don’t have an online bank, and find yourself with lots of loose change all the time; get a money tin. I would recommend one that you can only open with a tin opener or you have to smash, this reduces temptation and every time your purse is getting full with change- put it all in the tin.

£5 notes.

This in one for the stronger minded people- every time you have a £5 note- put it in a tin like number 2. Set yourself a date where you want to open to count up and when you reach that date, you will be surprised at the amount of £5 notes you will get over that time.


This is something Michael and I do a lot, we sit down when we are due money and write out how much we are getting and what bills need to be paid. with any money left over we put some in to savings and the rest we half out for spends. This takes us about half an hour each time but we find it so efficient and an easy way to organise money. It might be worth getting your own notebook dedicated to this.

Write a shopping list.

Before we did this, we would find our shopping bill would be a stupid amount with us just chucking things in the trolly. This would make the food bill a lot higher and it would cause us to have less money to save with. Writing a shopping list of things you actually need, while looking in your cupboards and fridge so you don’t over spend and buy things saying “ooh i don’t think we have that at home” to then get home and find out you do actually have it.

Shop around.

Don’t always go for the first price you see. This is where people are going wrong. You may find the price you see first is good- but somewhere there may be a cheaper price, saving you some money on the same item just for looking around a bit first. This can go for a lot of things like insurance.


Some people, use payday loans to help them in times of need, and some people scrimp and save the last penny. There are many ways that work for people.

Do you have any money saving ideas and tips? Post them below for others to test and try!


Until next time,

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Navy Quilted Coat.


You’re post today, is done by Michael, So enjoy! 🙂

About the company.

Launched in 2003, Dobell has established itself as the leading online formal wear store for men and boys of all ages. From day one their strategy has been to deliver choice, quality and unbeatable value, alongside comprehensive style advice and the very best customer care. Their customers say we are getting a lot right, but their determined to keep on improving as they grow! They pride ourselves on offering the most extensive ranges of clothing, shoes and accessories, at prices up to 50% cheaper than the high street. Leading suit and shirt brands we retail include Paul Costelloe, Tommy Hilfiger, Noose & Monkey, Esprit, Lambretta, Paul Gross, and Alexander Dobell.

The product i received.

Dobell Navy Quilted Coat- XL.

My thoughts.

I received a navy blue coat in XL by Dobell. It came well packaged and arrived within 3 days (in my eyes this is a reasonably quick time), it has a neatly stitched quilted design with plenty of pockets. it fastens together with a zip and covering the zip is another line of fabric fastened with poppers.

I will start off with my positive notes that I gathered after about a week of wearing it, firstly it was comfortable to wear, had no sharp points (such as the label and missed stitches).

There is plenty of pockets 2 in the sides 1 on the chest and 1 inside, the pockets are a decent size and i managed to fit drinks, keys, food and all manner of parenting items.

This one may seem a bit contradictory later in the post but hey ho here we go i found the coat to have a really nice fit, wasn’t too baggy at the bottom but also wasn’t too tight around the chest, arms or neck, and wasn’t restricting any sort of movement in my arms.

When out and about in cold windy weather the coat kept me warm, i didn’t feel any sort of breeze, generally it kept me warm when i needed it but on the other side of the scale it kept me cool when i went into a warm room/shop, unfortunately i haven’t tested in the rain as of yet to see how waterproof it is but as soon as i get the chance i will be making this a priority to test out.

Here is the bit where no one likes to hear about their product (sorry Dobell but i need to be honest in my review and give the bad as well as the good). I said before that i was going to be a bit contradictory with the size of the coat, normally i am a XL size in most things and occasionally have a large, unfortunately the coat was slightly too small for me, all though its still comfortable to wear i think their sizes just need a slight adjustment to make the XL coat i had slightly larger.

My only other bad point is the bottom of the zip (as you connect the two sides) is a little small for people with large fingers such as myself. I feel that if it was a bit larger then it would be tonnes easier for anyone to zip up and even with gloves on it wouldn’t be a hard task.

Thanks for reading my very own written review (Sorry if you found it a bit boring)



Thank you for doing a guest review for me Michael. 🙂

Until next time,

My Slimming World Journey

This week is my 2nd week into the new year and i tried very hard to stay on track and get some body magic in.

All week i have been extremely busy tidying and spring cleaning my house for the new year.

I ate well with the one night where Michael wanted curry and of course i have no self control and had one too 😂

Weigh in: -1lb

Total weight loss: -9.5lbs.

Not the loss i wanted as such but a loss is a loss and im happy!

Until next week,

Miyah’s 10 month update.

How is my baby 10 months old today? It only feels like yesterday I welcomed her into this world.

Miyah's 10 month update.

Here is what Miyah is doing at 10 months old.


Miyah has started getting very vocal from our last update- She now says ‘dada’ ‘mama’ & ‘nana’. Most of these are followed by them repeated 10x over.  ‘Mamamamamamama’ but none the less, she is saying it! She is also very good at screaming and making grumbling noises to show us when she wants attention.



Miyah has grown considerably when eating. From having 1 to 2 meals a day, she is now eating all the bloody time. We have started introducing her with a lot more finger food now and she is exploring a whole new world. She has started having more dinner’s with us than jars and at the moment, sandwiches and bread sticks are her favourite along side quavers! I have started to try and give her more healthier snack to get used to them as well. This includes peppers, cucumber,  carrots etc. She is loving her food and is always stealing mine or Michaels!



Miyah is now on the go, all day, everyday. She just doesn’t stop. She also walks around the furniture to get to where she wants also, this progressed to when she is on her hands and knees, to pushing her feet up and going on her hands and feet. So i really don’t think it will be long before she tried to walk. She now has 3 teeth (2 on the bottom and 1 on the top) with one on the way down at the top too. This has caused so many problems in her sleep! But non the less, she is changing more and more everyday, and getting more and more like her dad. Miyah is still quite dinky so doesn’t look her age at all.



We have now had to look into getting decent cupboard locks and moving all little things out of her way. Everything she finds- is in her mouth. Gotta have eyes on the back of your head!  We have also had to put her toys in a different way in the front room so its easy for her to grab!


Sleep Routine;

Oh my goodness, where do i get started? Since my last update (8months) Things have changed a LOT! Miyah now wakes up to 10 times a night and sometimes gets up for hours before going back off. I know it’s down to her teeth but its draining me! She starts to get tired and wingey around 4pm and we try our hardest to keep  her awake but come 5, she is a nightmare! Screaming the house down and being a pain, to the point where the moment she is picked up she is drifting off so her sleep is all over the place and that means mine is too.

My next update, will be when she is 1 years old… how scary is that?

Until 1 years old,

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2017 Christmas Tag.

2017 Christmas Tag.

Thank you so much Rachael, for tagging me in this! Many of my followers know Christmas is my favourite time of year! I get so excited and i always go OTT with decorations and traditions.

You can find Rachael here:

Her Christmas Tag blog post: HERE.

Her Twitter: HERE

Her Facebook: HERE

The Tag

Favourite Christmas Movie and Why?

Buddy the Elf, because why the fuck not? It is a bloody awesome movie and if i could- i would watch it everyday.

Top 3 Songs on your Christmas Playlist.

I wish it could be Christmas, everyday!- Wizzard.

All I want for Christmas – Mariah Carey

Let it Snow- Dean Martin.

Favourite Christmas Tradition?

Putting the decorations up as a family, I love putting come Christmas Tunes and decorating the house to perfection.

What is on your Christmas bucket list? 

I would love to go away for one Christmas, not sure where but i would love too.

Buddy the Elf or Ebenezer Scrooge

Buddy the Elf, of course, all day every day.

Best Thing about Christmas for parents.

Watching their faces, when they see the presents in the morning.

One thing you asked for a child but never got.

I’m not really sure. I have always WANTED things, but was always so grateful for what i got.

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions? 

Watching a movie, with hot chocolates and a duvet! Just us as a family.

What festive beverage tickles your tinsel?

Mulled Wine!

Best present you ever receved?

I don’t have a ‘favourite’ one. To be honest.

Sprouts for Christmas dinner, yay or nay?


What is your ideal Christmas? 

I’m having mine this year. My family, my friends. Whats more to ask for?

 I tag: Sarah & Sarah .

Until next time,

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