Miyah’s 10 month update.

How is my baby 10 months old today? It only feels like yesterday I welcomed her into this world.

Miyah's 10 month update.

Here is what Miyah is doing at 10 months old.


Miyah has started getting very vocal from our last update- She now says ‘dada’ ‘mama’ & ‘nana’. Most of these are followed by them repeated 10x over.  ‘Mamamamamamama’ but none the less, she is saying it! She is also very good at screaming and making grumbling noises to show us when she wants attention.



Miyah has grown considerably when eating. From having 1 to 2 meals a day, she is now eating all the bloody time. We have started introducing her with a lot more finger food now and she is exploring a whole new world. She has started having more dinner’s with us than jars and at the moment, sandwiches and bread sticks are her favourite along side quavers! I have started to try and give her more healthier snack to get used to them as well. This includes peppers, cucumber,  carrots etc. She is loving her food and is always stealing mine or Michaels!



Miyah is now on the go, all day, everyday. She just doesn’t stop. She also walks around the furniture to get to where she wants also, this progressed to when she is on her hands and knees, to pushing her feet up and going on her hands and feet. So i really don’t think it will be long before she tried to walk. She now has 3 teeth (2 on the bottom and 1 on the top) with one on the way down at the top too. This has caused so many problems in her sleep! But non the less, she is changing more and more everyday, and getting more and more like her dad. Miyah is still quite dinky so doesn’t look her age at all.



We have now had to look into getting decent cupboard locks and moving all little things out of her way. Everything she finds- is in her mouth. Gotta have eyes on the back of your head!  We have also had to put her toys in a different way in the front room so its easy for her to grab!


Sleep Routine;

Oh my goodness, where do i get started? Since my last update (8months) Things have changed a LOT! Miyah now wakes up to 10 times a night and sometimes gets up for hours before going back off. I know it’s down to her teeth but its draining me! She starts to get tired and wingey around 4pm and we try our hardest to keep  her awake but come 5, she is a nightmare! Screaming the house down and being a pain, to the point where the moment she is picked up she is drifting off so her sleep is all over the place and that means mine is too.

My next update, will be when she is 1 years old… how scary is that?

Until 1 years old,

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