Navy Quilted Coat.


You’re post today, is done by Michael, So enjoy! 🙂

About the company.

Launched in 2003, Dobell has established itself as the leading online formal wear store for men and boys of all ages. From day one their strategy has been to deliver choice, quality and unbeatable value, alongside comprehensive style advice and the very best customer care. Their customers say we are getting a lot right, but their determined to keep on improving as they grow! They pride ourselves on offering the most extensive ranges of clothing, shoes and accessories, at prices up to 50% cheaper than the high street. Leading suit and shirt brands we retail include Paul Costelloe, Tommy Hilfiger, Noose & Monkey, Esprit, Lambretta, Paul Gross, and Alexander Dobell.

The product i received.

Dobell Navy Quilted Coat- XL.

My thoughts.

I received a navy blue coat in XL by Dobell. It came well packaged and arrived within 3 days (in my eyes this is a reasonably quick time), it has a neatly stitched quilted design with plenty of pockets. it fastens together with a zip and covering the zip is another line of fabric fastened with poppers.

I will start off with my positive notes that I gathered after about a week of wearing it, firstly it was comfortable to wear, had no sharp points (such as the label and missed stitches).

There is plenty of pockets 2 in the sides 1 on the chest and 1 inside, the pockets are a decent size and i managed to fit drinks, keys, food and all manner of parenting items.

This one may seem a bit contradictory later in the post but hey ho here we go i found the coat to have a really nice fit, wasn’t too baggy at the bottom but also wasn’t too tight around the chest, arms or neck, and wasn’t restricting any sort of movement in my arms.

When out and about in cold windy weather the coat kept me warm, i didn’t feel any sort of breeze, generally it kept me warm when i needed it but on the other side of the scale it kept me cool when i went into a warm room/shop, unfortunately i haven’t tested in the rain as of yet to see how waterproof it is but as soon as i get the chance i will be making this a priority to test out.

Here is the bit where no one likes to hear about their product (sorry Dobell but i need to be honest in my review and give the bad as well as the good). I said before that i was going to be a bit contradictory with the size of the coat, normally i am a XL size in most things and occasionally have a large, unfortunately the coat was slightly too small for me, all though its still comfortable to wear i think their sizes just need a slight adjustment to make the XL coat i had slightly larger.

My only other bad point is the bottom of the zip (as you connect the two sides) is a little small for people with large fingers such as myself. I feel that if it was a bit larger then it would be tonnes easier for anyone to zip up and even with gloves on it wouldn’t be a hard task.

Thanks for reading my very own written review (Sorry if you found it a bit boring)



Thank you for doing a guest review for me Michael. 🙂

Until next time,


  1. Great review Michael! Looks and sounds like a lovely coat! I get so nervous buying clothes online for it they fit or not! I’m so lazy and can never be bothered to send them back if they don’t fit! Much love, Caitylis x x

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  2. Great review Michael, I’m the same as you, buying a size that I am and always getting it smaller which can be a pain when you spend a lot of money on something so I now go a size bigger!

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