Bakersdays PLUS Discount Code!

Who doesn’t love a bit of cake? I mean, for any occasion! And one that fits through your letterbox? It’s amazing. I was so excited to receive this in the post and to choose to the design and flavours. I picked a chocolate chip cake, with this design above on it. Writing Michaels name as…

My Dream Home Improvements.

I’ve always thought that when I moved, and when I got my perfect house we would hire top property refurbishment company!

Photo of the week!

This weeks photo is: Me and my gorgeous mama😍🙈 Until next week!

Christmas Gift Guide 2017.

Each year, i am finding it harder and harder to think of good gifts for people and it really starts to stress me out! So i took to Twitter and found some perfect gifts you could give your children/family/friends and partners.

Photo of the week!

This weeks photo is: Rosie was nominated Gymnast of the Week 2 weeks ago. She couldn’t make it last week due to being poorly but she is very excited to go this week. Until next week!

Photo of the week!

This weeks photo is: My eldest princess👸🏽 having some much needed time running around the park! With school on non stop, I have tried my hardest to get her out some afternoons after school but now with it getting dark at 5pm, it’s really hard. We go to gymnastics on a Wednesday but nothing beats…