My Slimming World Journey

This week is my 2nd week into the new year and i tried very hard to stay on track and get some body magic in.

All week i have been extremely busy tidying and spring cleaning my house for the new year.

I ate well with the one night where Michael wanted curry and of course i have no self control and had one too 😂

Weigh in: -1lb

Total weight loss: -9.5lbs.

Not the loss i wanted as such but a loss is a loss and im happy!

Until next week,

My Slimming World Journey.

For the past 4 weeks, i have been on Slimming World. I joined with my mum after i decided i couldn’t keep feeling shitty about myself. I have put on a lot of weight since i had my babies and i have had a lot of trouble in the past with eating disorders and weight troubles. I needed something to keep me safe and to help me healthily. I had wanted to try for a very long time, but because of my anxiety and my eating disorder i kind of restricted myself from doing this.

I have yoyo dieted all my life and i don’t know what clicked in me but i realised that i couldn’t keep going on like this. My mum invited me along, and talked me through it to make sure i wasn’t too anxious and i got signed up. I was shown where to sign in and pay, then where to weigh. I was also talked through my booklet and got started.

I weighed in and my start weight was: 12st 5 and a half lbs. 

I found out my Club 10 target: 11st 2 and a half lbs. 

I also set myself a interim target: 11st 9lbs. 

Here is how my first 4 weeks went.

Week 1: Lost- 2 & a half lbs. 

Week 2: – Lost 4 lbs. 

Week 3: – Lost 2 lbs.  (Won my half a stone award)

Week 4: – Lost 1lb.

Total loss: 9 and a half lbs.

I will be uploading every week, an update on my weigh in each week. My weigh ins are on a Tuesday and how my week went, if i stuck to plan and what exercise I did.

Until next week,

Becca x