My Slimming World Journey

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The past week, has been up and down.

The start of the week, i had a good couple days. Monday i was a bit off and didn’t eat very much. I don’t really know what was up. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday was brilliant, on plan and walked lots. I felt great. Friday was good up until the slimming world meal! I had such an amazing time with all of us and then me and my mum went out for a ‘few’ drinks. Saturday, Sunday and Monday turned into a bit of a ‘eat shit’. I didn’t really go over board i just ate crap.

I still did lots of walking and didn’t over eat as such.

Now we are off till the 28th- i still want to try and stay on plan as much as i can but as it’s Christmas…. No Promises lol.


Weigh In- -0.5lb. I’m happy with that, especially after the shitty days.

Total Weight Loss-  10.5lbs.


Until the 28th!

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Slimming World Journey

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This week has been a bit up and down. I started the week brilliant!

Monday to Friday afternoon i was on plan and i stuck to it, with 10,000 steps each day and lots of speed foods i thought woah! This 3 and a half pounds is nothing. I got this. I had lots of different meals to try, including spag bol with spinach which i have never had before. I really liked it.

BUT Friday afternoon to Sunday Eve i was off plan, i ate some serious crap and i regretted it fully after, so Monday i was very good and did lots of walking, hoping for at least a maintain.

I have a new Instagram, where i share my Slimming World Journey  meals and ideas. You can follow me here:  @beccas.sw.journey.

Weigh in: +1lbs GAIN. 

This is my first gain since joining, so I’m not too upset about it, and its only a lb. Although now im sure if i can reach 1st lost before Christmas.

Until next week x

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