An open letter to my Husband to be.

Husband to be,

Today, as everyday my mind is always thinking of ways i can make you happy when you are home. Making sure the house is tidy and if i should make your favourite tea or leave to make your own. I know you like that sometimes.

I wonder if you have had a good day, i know i ask but i worry sometimes you tell me you have, just to keep me at ease. I want to make sure you’re comfortable after working for such long hours. I know you wish you could be home more and to see the children but i know how hard you work and how much you want to provide for all of us.

I want you to know, that i am so thankful for everything you have done and have had to put up with. I know i can be hard at times, and i know i say the wrong things but i want you to know i love you with all my heart. You mean the world to me.

Thank you, for taking on my eldest. Thank you for providing us with a safe space and being there for us 100%. You have had to put up with so much, from my MH to my family and i know its been hard and i always feel so bad that you have had to put up with all this, but no matter what has happened and what we have been through- you are always there for me at the other side.

You are my rock, You are my world, and I love you so much.

From your wife to be, i cannot wait to be your wife.



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