Rosie’s Gymnastic’s

As many of my followers know, a few weeks ago, Rosie started gymnastics.

As she has grown up, we have found this to be something she can do and not get out of breath and chesty. This was obviously very important for us as she has so many problems with her chest. As we would have our stays on the ward, and Rosie would start to improve she would play in the toy area. Doing her stretches and showing us how flexible she can be. We have always known that gymnastics is something she would love because she is just always doing it. Rolly Polly’s and handstands galore.

Our last hospital stay, Rosie became close with another nurse, who would cheer her on when she was practising. Our last day in hospital and the nurse came in and said “I was so hoping that you hadn’t been discharged over night- i have got something for Rosie” and proceeded to give her a leotard.  Rosie was over the moon and put it in straight away!


After that, we waited for Rosie to fully recover and get used to her new medication and i searched for local gymnastic classes. I found a reasonably priced class at 4:00pm on a Wednesday. Of course this is a struggle to get too after school but its so worth it to see her get so involved.


She settled in very quickly and has even been gymnastic of the week! She was so proud and told everyone! I’m so proud of her, she is definitely coming out of her shell and showing more determination every time she goes. She is doing a fabulous job.

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Photo of the week!

This weeks photo is:

Rosie was nominated Gymnast of the Week 2 weeks ago. She couldn’t make it last week due to being poorly but she is very excited to go this week.

Until next week!