My Morning Routine.

Mornings in my house are bloody stressful!

Ever since Rosie has started school, life has been turned upside down. Michael has started work which means i get no help in the mornings getting both kids ready. Now, i’m not trying to rub it in peoples faces that i had help before, at all. I had help before and though sometimes it was hard work, i didn’t expect this. I have now realised how hard all this actually is when you are on your own. Getting two kids ready in the morning before 8:15 is tougher than i thought. So i thought i’d share with you my morning routine, which is slowly but steadily getting easier each morning.

My morning starts with:

4:45am alarm set to wake up with Michael, to make sure he gets up okay and i can have a kiss and a cuddle before he leaves for work.

6:30am Second alarm set, this one is to wake me up so i can chill in bed for a bit to actually wake up before getting the girls up.

7:00am, third alarm, this one is just in case i fall asleep again. At 7, i wake the girls up, grab Miyah a set of clothes for the day and head down stairs. I put the telly on, put Miyah in her jumberoo and put the kettle on. I help Rosie make her breakfast and i make Miyah a bottle.

7:15am. All that usually takes me around 15 minutes to do all in the time it takes for the kettle to boil and to Rosie to stop faffing around with making her breakfast. By this time, Rosie is eating so i change Miyah’s nappy and give her a bottle, this is our cuddle time until Rosie goes to school.

7:30am. Rosie by this time, (hopefully) has finished her breakfast and is brushing her teeth and Miyah is playing. I’m usually pottering around doing some tidying and getting washing and the dishwasher on ready for when i get back from the school run or when it has finished.

7:45am. Rosie and Miyah get dressed, Rosie’s hair is done and she makes sure all her stuff is by the door ready to go. Me and Rosie usually sit down at this point and have a cuddle before school watching This Morning, catching up on the events happening. If i didn’t get chance before i would usually run upstairs and chuck some clothes on too. Miyah is in her jumberoo. (She bloody loves that thing)

8:00am, My mum turns up ready for the school run with my sister and has a coffee with me, usually my first of the day. We have a catch up on whats gone on since the last time we saw each other (16 hours before) and get ready to leave. Putting Miyah in her pram, getting her bag ready, Rosie’s shoes on and hair up.

8:15am. Time to leave. Out the door we go. *I do have to credit my mum though, because she takes Rosie if i haven’t had a good morning.*

*Shout out to all the mums who do this EVERYDAY by themselves. You are the real MVP.*

What are your mornings like? are they as hectic as ours? or worse? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Becca x

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  1. This is a great post. I love reading routines posts.

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  2. Mummy Cat says:

    My mornings are better now since Dann takes the older two to breakfast club in the mornings, but before it was pretty much the same, a mad rush! Mind if I do a similar post? 🙂

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