My Favourite Beauty Products!

My Favourite Beauty Products… so far.

As some mums may know, managing to get your hair and make up done before the school run is incredibly hard. I salute any mother who can do it! I tend to just leave it ad do it when i am home, but something many not know about me is I LOVE make-up. & I have done for a very long time. I used to sit and watch beauty videos like Zoella for hours when i was younger and i thought i would share with you, my favourite products i own so far.

For a while, I have been collecting products slowly but surely. I will try my hardest to let you all know where i got them from and the price, but some are age old.

Unicorn Brushes! £9 from Primark. These are some of my most favourite brushes I have ever had. They are so soft and so comfy to use! The handles are gorgeous. What’s not to love?

Technic Get Gorgeous Bronze and Highlighter. – Unsure on price but I got this from Superdrug! It is the lushes bronzer I have ever seen and looks so natural when I use it.

Sleek Lipstick. Backstage 1003. This lipstick is so smooth and the colour is just gorgeous.

Revolution Luxury Banana Powder. Where do I even start for this? Best £4 I ever sent. It sets my face perfectly. I got this from Superdrug.

W7 Brow Parlour. I got this from my local factory shop for about £4.95 although im not sure, i wanted to test this out as I needed a decent eyebrow powder. This is the perfect shade for me and I just love it.

Sleek Eye Shadow Pallet. I got this from a PR for my blog and everything they sent is just perfect. I love how the product is so pigmented and it really blends well!

Revolution Eye Shadow Pallet. I got his from Superdrug for £6 (although i am not 100% sure.) and it is basically the same as the eye shadow above. I just love it!

Miss Sporty Pump Up Booster//Collection Volumising Mascara//Miss Sporty Pump up Curve it! I got all these from Superdrug ranging from £4-6 and these all give me such a false last look! I definitely recommend!

Hair Brushes! Unsure where the 1st brush is from, i have had it for so long! but the gold Hair brush is from Superdrugs revolution set. They usually come out at Christmas and i got it in the January sales for £5. There is a set of 3 but this is my favourite.

These are all my favourite make up and beauty products so far.. im sure in a couple months I will be back with some different products.

What’s your favourite beauty product?

Until next time,Review (1)

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  1. Ash Williams says:

    I’ve been meaning to pick up that banana powder for ages! I went into store just before it was released to buy it, so gutting, and never got around to purchasing it when it was released! I have their pressed power version though and it’s great 🙂

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  2. peskywomen says:

    Sleek and Make up Revolution are always my top recommends for people who wants to get into make up with a small budget! They are just as good as some of the high end stuff I have. Love your pics btw!
    Ernie xoxo

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  3. Britt | Alternatively Speaking says:

    Those makeup brushes are gorgeous! I’ve been eyeing up the Harry Potter wand style ones!
    Britt |

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  4. Love your blog! I love the things that you can find in Primark… those brushes look amazing!

    XO Zoe |

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  5. I got my sister those unicorn brushes for her birthday last year! I was very tempted to keep them for myself! 😍😂


  6. Them Primark makeup brushes are so beautiful. I’m gonna check to see if they’re vegan/cruelty-free and if they are and get some myself. Thank you for sharing 🌸💜✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x |

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  7. Haha I feel you. I make sure I have at least mascara on before I go on the school run otherwise people ask if I’m ok haha.
    I love the unicorn brushes!!! Need those in my life xxxxxx

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  8. tippytupps says:

    I’m so bad with make up and beauty – all my make up is at least 10 years old and I don’t even own a hairbrush…..urgh that’s so bad! I must make more of an effort!

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  9. The unicorn brushes look so good xx

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  10. I love those makeup brushes! They are beautiful!


  11. New Lune says:

    Those Techic brushes are beautiful! I love Makeup Revolution products, especially their eyeshadows and highlighters! They’re the best and the price is so affordable as well x

    New Lune |

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  12. Love this. I have these brushes also, they’re fab xx

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  13. Unfiltered Mama says:

    Those unicorn brushes!! How cute are they?! I don’t use makeup but I’d love to have those readily available just to show off lol.

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  14. That highlighter is absolutely gorgeous! I’m such a sucker for a highlighter, they’re my weakness!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

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  15. I’m practically a guy when it comes to makeup! I’m so clueless about anything beyond the basics, but I really want to get more involved with it. I’ll have to check some of these out!

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  16. Mac is my favourite beauty product it is expensive but the product works well with my skin type and there are a huge variety of shades to match my colour


  17. Cole says:

    I love sleek products they’re some of the best from the drugstore xx

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  18. Mummy Cat says:

    I need those brushes!! they’re so aesthetically pleasing, Makeup Revolution is my new favorite brand! cheap BUT fantastic and Miss Sporty is also brilliant! when I am strapped for cash I always get it! xx

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  19. I have the mermaid brushes from Primark, gorgeous! I absolutely love Makeup Revolution, it’s my go to brand for palettes. Sleek is good too.

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  20. Beautiful and creative photos!! I’ll need your help next time make up shopping you have an eye for great products xxx

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