Easy and quick hair styles for curly haired babes.

I have always struggled with Rosie’s hair. She never really had any, then suddenly one day she grew some and we could do things with it. I wanted to show with you quick, easy and cute little ideas for girls with hair like Rosie’s. (Hopefully i can help at least one mama out!)

Rosie’s hair is very thin and very curly, the curls make her hair seem shorter than what it is. She tells me all the time she doesn’t like her hair because she wants Rapunzel hair, which makes me sad as she has beautiful hair. For those who don’t know what her hair looks like, here is a picture:


It’s just a mop on the top of her head that she wouldn’t let me do anything with until recently.

First Hair Style!

Hair up, Hair down double pigtails. This has to be my ultimate favourite hair style on Rosie, it takes seconds to part and out up. You could even go all out and out some bows or ribbon in. Rosie liked this one too as it is a mix between up & down. She likes her hair down and i like it up, a compromise haha!

Second Hair Style!

Pig Tails.  Same as Hair Up Hair down, but all hair up. Rosie usually needs a few baby clips to keep her hair up at the bottom as it is still a bit small but i feel this hairstyle would be good for those who don’t like their hair down.

Third Hair Style. 

Pony Tail. I feel like this is a perfect go to hair style, running late? Pony Tail. Rosie has her fridge clipped back in this one has it was starting to annoy her in her face haha!

Fourth Hair Style.

Double pony tails. This is also one of my favourites I mean look!!! her Curls just make this style stand out for me and i feel if she would would, i would make her wear it like this all the time.

Do you have any hair styles that you find are easy and quick? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Becca & Princess Elsa Rosie x


  1. Cute! My hair is think with natural curl but not SUPER curly, and I’ve cut it now to be more managable but I really miss ponytails/buns to conceal the bad hair days! (Or on windy/rainy days.)

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