Rosie’s Carrot plant, WEEK 5.

Here is an update on Rosie’s Carrot plant, we are now on week 5!

Rosie has kind of given up trying to water the plant every other day but she still shows everyone how big her plant.




Every week there seems to be a massive change is the size, but im still so very unsure when they should be ready. Can anyone shed some light? This is what they look like going towards the carrot.


But anyway, I have asked Rosie if she will try one of her own carrots and she said yes so this is progress. May have to grow something else once this one is done!


Until next time,


Rosie & Becca x

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  1. Mummy Cat says:

    I am not to sure when they’ll be ready either, perhaps do a quick google search! They look amazing though!

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