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Rosie’s Carrot Plant WEEK 6.

Here is the weekly update of Rosie's carrot plant. We are on week 6 of Rosie's carrot plant, and i think we are going to wait until week 12 to even think about picking them. The past week the plant had grown loads, mainly in the stems that grow off the top of the plant.… Continue reading Rosie’s Carrot Plant WEEK 6.


Rosie’s Carrot plant, WEEK 5.

Here is an update on Rosie's Carrot plant, we are now on week 5! Rosie has kind of given up trying to water the plant every other day but she still shows everyone how big her plant.     Every week there seems to be a massive change is the size, but im still so… Continue reading Rosie’s Carrot plant, WEEK 5.

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Rosie’s experience in growing her own plants.

So while down B&Q to get some finishing touches for the new house Rosie was looking at all the seeds in the plant section, she picked the most funniest things that she wanted to grow. We always take Rosie into the garden section of our B&Q. She loves looking at all the flowers and plants.… Continue reading Rosie’s experience in growing her own plants.