My weekly food plan for the week!

I have recently (a couple weeks ago) started to plan my food shops and what we eat each meal every day of the week. I do this to save money and to save stressing on the day and chucking some random rubbish together. This way I know we are eating as a family and I can plan how to sneak veg in to Rosie’s dishes! I love doing this as it makes me so originates and each week we are trying to cut down our bill of the food shop. We are aiming this week for £75 max. (It may sound like loads but we have spent way more than that🙄) it’s crazy!

Monday- On Monday, it’s usually just us 3. We will be having Lasange & veg.

Tuesday- Tuesday I have my two sisters come over. They all love Spaghetti Bolognaise so we have that every week!

Wednesday- Maggies slow cooked chicken and rice! In this dish I add cherry tomotos, bell peppers and this time I will try and sneak in a few more. As it’s slow cooked they hardly notice! Deffo a new favourite in our house.

Thursday- Spaghetti and Meatballs with garlic bread.

Friday- Friday Rosie goes to her dads house, so it’s either just Michael and I or with an added friend (Millie or Kieran). We will be having take out on Friday. We will decided on the day what we have.

Saturday- Saturday is an “if it’s” day. If it’s in, we will eat it 🙂

Sunday- Sunday is Roast Chicken. Michael cooks on a sunday😮 but he makes a mean roast! I love it.

We do our shops on Friday so that’s when I plan my meals, it saves us money and we 9/10 stick to it.

Thanks for reading!

Becca x
This blog is part of the 7 day blogging challenge. See here to find details at the bottom in my post 🔹

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  1. As someone who loves food diaries, this was really great to read, Im a sucker for organisation!
    Jas xx

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  2. Reading this made me so hungry! Loved this post! Zoe x

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