My Breastfeeding Journey.

I wanted to write about my breastfeeding journey. Not only to try and help others but to help myself in a weird way. I had such a tough time with Rosie. I feel awful about it sometimes so i hope i can read back and remind myself. I’m sorry if that seems vain!

My journey with Rosie was short. Extremely. I fed for about 2 weeks maximum. I was 14 and very uneducated on the benefits of breastfeeding. I wasn’t exactly sure what i wanted to do whether it be breast or bottle. When i gave birth i had the biggest natural instinct to get her to latch. From there i thought we would be okay and i could do it. Oh how i was wrong. After i left the hospital i realized it was very difficult. I had sore, cracked, bleeding and extremely painful nipples. I would cry while feeding. I just couldn’t stick it out and i ended up giving up. I was so sad but i thought it was best and we went to formula. After that i was determined to feed for at least 6 months with my next baby.

My breastfeeding journey with Miyah.

As i said, i wanted to go to at least 6 months feeding with my next baby and i was still as sure as ever that i was going to at least try my damn hardest. I used to talk about it for hours to Michael, how i was not going to be scared, how breast is best and i didn’t want her to have anything other than my milk. When she was born I stuck to my word and she had the most perfect latch i had ever seen, i nearly cried. She fed for about 10 minutes (It felt like a life time just staring at my perfect minutes old baby!) I was so happy. From there she fed roughly every hour and i was so ecstatic. I was doing it, it didn’t hurt at the time and she wasn’t getting frustrated. When we was home we had about a 3 days before the pain set in. I was terrified. I had extremely sore nipples and they started to crack. We straight away got some cream and some shields to help! The pain lasted for 2 weeks then it started to calm down but only on my right side. Over the course of about 24 hours i started to feel really poorly and my left breast was extremely swollen and red. It started getting really hot and i was getting really bad hot flushes. I googled the symptoms and it said mastitis. I thought this was the end, 2 weeks feeding like Rosie and i thought thats all my body could cope with. I went to the doctor and got some antibiotics and was told to rest. Most importantly feed through it. I did everything the doctor told me and it was awful. I cried nearly every feed but i was determined and after about 3 days it started to calm down. I even pumped my right breast as i was feeding mostly from my left. After it calmed down i was pain free, Miyah started feeding for longer and it was amazing. I developed an over supply and that i can admit is painful but i just pump more. I was so proud of myself.

We are now at week 12 of our breastfeeding journey and going amazing. We love out feeding time and every time she goes into a milk coma i just feel so proud that we have made it this far and there is no sign of stopping any time soon. My original plan of 6 months has now changed to a year and i feel so positive about it.

Are you breastfeeding? How is your journey going? Leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading x


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  1. Love this, I only lasted two weeks with Alyssia aswell.. I was also very sore and emotionally just couldn’t do it anymore, it does get me down but she got the best bits.. I loved pumping, but the leaking was horrible. I am determined to try with my second baby, but if I’m honest it scares me quite a bit as it hurt so bad when Alyssia latched on, maybe its because it was my first time? You’re doing really well with it though & I am so happy for you & glad that you have achieved this. Well done! Zoe x

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