What’s in my changing bag? 

As any mum with a small baby, a changing bag goes everywhere with you and I’m not going to lie it can collect a lot of unneeded stuff. I decided that I needed to clean out my changing bag and give it a good spring clean. I love to be organised but I feel that, that is the only place that isn’t 🙄 even though I really do with it was.

(Does anyone get the urge to buy a new changing bag ALL time or is that just me? I love the one I have and I’ll go shopping and find another I love and have to hold myself back.)

What’s in my changing bag!

  1. My nappy bag. With one or maybe two cloth nappies in the bag, some bambo liners & extra fabric liners.
  2. Wet wipes. Who can’t live without wet wipes! They clean like EVERYTHING!
  3. Spare clothes. I always bring two outfits for Miyah including socks and bibs, and spare trousers and underwear and socks for Rosie just in case. You can never be too cautious.
  4. Rosie’s inhaler. Rosie has really bad breathing problems and if we left the house without it all hell would break loose.
  5. Nappy bags. Just in case!
  6. Miyahs red book.
  7. My purse.
  8. A hairbrush.
  9. Spare socks for me. In case an unpected trip to the park and I get my feet sandy.
  10. A blanket.
  11. My glasses case
  12. Tissues.

When I don’t clean it out and give it a wash I could fine anything in there from money to filter tips that’s fallen out (bad habits💔) to tiny kinder egg toy! It is crazy. Rosie shoves little things in there and I can bet that there will be a tiny little toy in there by the end of this week. My changing bag is my whole house 😂😂

My changing bag saves my life sometimes, other tims I just wanna throw it away! It’s like the wardrobe from the lion the witch and the wardrobe; you put your hand in and it seems to go on forever. I always find things in there that I’ve lost for sooo long and get mad when I think “well why didn’t I think of looking in there”.

What is something you ALWAYS have to keep on you? In your purse or changinging bag.

Thanks for reading x

Becca x

3 Comments Add yours

  1. While I don’t have any children and do not want any, I cannot fully appreciate how difficult it must be to be prepared at all times for whatever situation!!! But it appears you really are well-prepared 🙂

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  2. Ellie says:

    I totally agree about the wipes! They go absolutely everywhere with me. I somtimes like to take little snacks for my boys too if I’m going to be out a while. I also agree about always wanting a new changing bag, I’m in love with my Nova Harley bag but I regularly have to talk myself out of temptation when I see others I like :).

    Ellie Xx | http://www.make-it-up.co.uk


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