Your baby, skin to skin book review.

I was sent a gorgeous book called “your baby skin to skin” by Rachael Fitz-Desorgher.

I absolutely love the design of this book. The picture on the front is clear and it just stands out. The book is 236 pages long and is a fantastic read for new mothers everywhere.

I cannot express how much I love the information provided in this book but it is presented in such a lovely way that it doesn’t even feel like you’re reading facts. You just seem to flow between the facts and you realise that not only are you learning but you are enjoying the book!

I’m writing this blog as I read this book. I can’t tell you enough how this book is helping me 11 weeks on after my baby was born. I get so into reading it and it’s so so interesting to read! It covers everything from the first days to weaning and more.

I would defiantly give this book a 10/10 and I would recommend it to any expecting/new mothers

You can get it here on amazon for £12.99!

Thank you for reading x

Becca x

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