Falling for Fall.

Falling for Fall tag.

Firstly, thank you Sarah for tagging me! you can read her post here!

Sarah tagged me in this, giving me 10 questions to answer, and i will answer and tag some other bloggers! I hope you enjoy.


  • What is your favourite Fall scent? – Apple and Cinnamon
  • Do you prefer apple stuff or pumpkin stuff? Apple stuff!
  • What is one thing that you look forward to every single Fall? The jumpers and hot chocolates!
  • How do you like to spend the more chilly/cloudy days in the Fall? Duvet days, with hot drinks and Disney movies!!
  • Which do you prefer: Halloween or Thanksgiving? Halloween
  • What is one way you do to embrace the Fall season?  Knitted Jumpers & Boots!
  • What photos would you like to get this Fall season? I would love some photos of the girls playing the leaves all dressed up warm!
  • Favourite childhood memory from this season? Getting all ready and excited for Halloween!
  • What is your favourite trend (fashion/makeup/etc) so far this season? I don’t really have one!
  • Describe what the Fall weather really looks like where you live. Fallen leaves and people in warm coats with on the go hot drinks!!

I tag:

Zoe from Mummy & Liss. 

Vicki from Tuppytupps.


Gemma from Gem & Them.


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