Q&A- Mummy and Lifestyle blogger!

So for a while now, i have wanted to do a Q&A for you all. I’m so excited to share this with you, i have some amazing questions too..!

I always think that Q&A’s are amazing to get to know the blogger on a more depth level.

My First question is from:


She asks: “What made you decide to start blogging?” I have always loved reading. From a small age i would read anything i could get my hands on. Having dyslexia it has been a long battle but i have found ways that i can help myself, when i started to get older i started going online i found blogs. i fell in love instantly. Sometimes i would read for hours! Although i didn’t know the term blogging then i always wanted to become one of the people that wrote online. As i grew i started to write, my own little letters, stories everything. Then i took the plung and started writing online for everyone to see!

My next question is from:


She asks: “What’s your favourite thing about blogging?” Wow, thats hard haha! I think my favourite thing has to be the friends i made. I am so thankful for everyone who got me to where i am today. I wouldn’t be where i am without you all.

Next question is from:


She asks: “Tips on how to deal with the transition between 1 & 2 children and how to prepare for them?” This is a really good thing to ask because i know quite a few people who are worried about this. I also have a blog post about it you can read in more depth here. I think the most important thing to remember is, you decided to have baby number 2, so you are prepared, you’re just worried about your 1st little one. Spend LOTS of time with baby 1 before baby 2 arrives, and always include then in everything you do when preparing for baby 2. Let them pick an outfit for them, let them watch you put stuff together etc. Also let them ‘help’ you. (In moderation obviously) let them feel included. Ask them to get a nappy for you, or let them have a cuddle (with supervision). This can also help a lot with control over jealousy. Since Miyah has been born Rosie has only ever been jealous once and that was when Miyah was cluster feeding so i couldn’t cuddle Rosie when she was tired. I explained that the baby would be feeding from mummy a lot because i have the milk in my boobs and that i will cuddle her as soon as i can. It’s all about including the first child.

Next question is from:


She asks “Any breastfeeding words of wisdom for mums wanting to give it ago?” I am now 4 and a half breastfeeding Miyah. It was such a struggle. You can find out more here. I would definitely say to try your hardest to stick at it. I went through everything. Cracked and bleeding nipples, blocked ducts and mastitis. It was very hard and you may want to invest into some breastfeeding essentials but it is totally worth it. But always remember that whatever you decide to do, is your choice and don’t let anyone drag you down for it.

Do you have question you would like me to answer? Comment below!

Thanks for reading x

Mwah x

Becca x

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  1. I will totally agree with you, the friends I made via my blogging tho it’s beginning but still I feel blessed and happy.

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  2. rachyblogs18 says:

    Your baby is unbelievably cute! I’m not a Mum my self but I still love reading about all the wonderful things that come with it! Great post x


  3. JadesCreativeRamblings says:

    Great post! That’s so nice that you’ve made nice friends through blogging, the community is so nice 😊 x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is great! Before having my second baby I was more worried about how my first would react than anything else but thankfully she took on the role of protective big sister really easily.

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