Cloth Nappies: the start of my journey!

I have received my nappies and I can honestly say i am in love already. I love the designs I have and I love how they fit her! Although it does look very big and padded… that’s because she wees a lot😂. I thought the start of our journey was going to hard, I’m not sure I would have got it right away and I was worried that I wasn’t going to do it right but the biggest bonus of them all is that we all adapted pretty well. Although Michael is still shy of getting rid of the disposable nappies. I ordered my nappies from amazon and from a pre-loved site on Facebook. Although it is highly expensive it is all worth it in the end. I spent roughly £90 all together for my set and we have enough to last us to potty trained. (But I’m positive I will buy more 😂)

The average person spends around £1,000 a year on disposable nappies.

I am loving the designs and I love the feel of them, they are super soft. Miyah hates having her bum changed, she screams the whole time, I have noticed a change in Miyah when I change her as well. With cloth nappies you don’t have to change them as much as disposable. This helps Miyah as she can get really stressed out.

I have also been looking online for personalised cloth nappies, there are some amazing designs and I am really looking forward to buying some more!

After two nights we have realised we need to double up in pads. Miyahs wees a lot more at night and she seemed more wet in the mornings. We also had our first poo at 1:20am this morning and I made the realisation that I need to use a few more bamboo liners to collect. Overall I am enjoying the nappies and Miyah hasn’t really noticed the change. She is still her normal smiley happy baby.

Thanks for reading,

Becca x

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