Having Rosie-Belle so young…

My life, with two young children and what i saw.

I had Rosie-Belle when i was 14. Young, scared and i had absolutely no clue. I was terrified. I found out i was pregnant at 29 weeks to make everything 100x worse and we only had 11 (10 really) weeks to get everything ready and for people to come round to the idea i was having a baby. It was hard and i faced so many problems.


I took 2 weeks off school to ‘adjust’ and have my many doctors appointments and when i finally returned; no one knew. I would walk around scared people where staring and i thought they all knew. (How could they?)  so i went back to school for 3 and a half days and took another week off. The only people who knew where my family, Rosie’s dad & the school. When i had eventually returned and faced all the demons in my head, everyone had known anyway, so i was even more terrified. I used to walk with my head down and stay as late as i could to avoid the walk in the hallways with everyone staring at me. I was the talk of the school and i hated it. One night; talking away at my growing bump i realized that this was for life and i am not ashamed. After that night; the sudden realization i held my head high and i was proud i was creating a baby and i was proud i was hiding. I took some major crap at school i’m not going to lie. People shouting things at me, pushing me (one time i was nearly pushed down the stairs) and people saying awful things about my unborn baby. If i had not stood up for myself my life would be completely different. I didn’t let it phase me, none of it mattered because all that mattered was my baby. I left school two weeks before the 6 weeks weeks holidays and went back after the 6 weeks to complete my GCSEs. This was my motivation for my baby. I did it, i finished! I may not have had the best of grades but i did it.

Home Life:

As you can imagine; life was pretty tough for a while. Everything was tense and high up for a while. But we coped and thats what i loved about my family. Everyone helped me, i had everything i needed in less than 6 weeks and they also threw me an awesome baby shower. I felt so loved. Some people don’t have this much support and i could never have done it without my family. Rosie’s dad’s family where amazing too. I couldn’t fault any of them. They made it so much easier to cope with. They all supported me with school and what i wanted to do and helped me whenever they could to get as much revision in with also spending time with my baby. That was also hard, Rosie was in nursery 5 days a week 8am till 4pm while i was at school and after school i would pick her up, make her dinner, pack her stuff ready for the next day, spend a bit of time before our bath/bed/cuddles and then do revision. It was none stop and yes, i fully admit some days that wouldn’t happen, i would just go completely off routine. I learnt now, thats not a very good thing to do.



Having a baby at any age is tough on relationships, but at 14, my friends where not interested in dirty nappies and crying babies so they kind of just floated away. I don’t blame them and i hold no grudges for that. For the friends who stayed; I love you, you helped me so much.

My relationship with Rosie’s dad was hard. We tried for a year and it didn’t work. We decided we couldn’t stay together just for Rosie. We are friends and still support each other for the sake of our baby.

My relationships with my family are rocky and always will be. I thank them every day for what they have done for my family though, no matter whats gone on and how much we argue and fight; i love you all.


Growing up and raising a baby was hard, and if anyone needs to talk, or needs support i am always here.

You can contact me through Facebook/Twitter and Instagram and my email is Beccagreenway@live.co.uk.


A lovely friend today mentioned me in one of her blogs, i am extremely grateful and i would love for you to go and check hers out.  https://velvetslifeblog.wordpress.com/

Again, as always; Thank you so much for reading and i hope you enjoyed xx


Becca x

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  1. Honestly inspiring, you did it ☺️☺️

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  2. Thank you Becca I really appreciate you mentioning me in your blog. And I will support you throughout the duration of you doing this blog xx

    Liked by 1 person

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