Review on: @Harleysbowtique on instagram…

As some of you already know, I do a lot of small shopping on instagram. I bloody love supporting small shops, it makes me so happy knowing I’m helping their business thrive.

Today I’m reviewing a lovely small shop. (@harleysbowtique is her Instagram name)

She sells bows! On crocodile clips, headbands and bobbles even bow ties! I am an enthusiast for her shop and  we buy regularly from her. Here are some of her products (styled by Rosie & Miyah 😋) 

We personally love her products because they are always such great quality! They always fit the description and she always makes them to how we ask what more could you want?… Her prices are extremely reasonable and they always come amazing packaged. They are always here in such good time and Rosie loves opening her mail! 

Go head over to her Instagram to check it out! ❤

As always,  extremely grateful for anyone who reads. Don’t forget to follow me! 

P.s all my social media links are in the header 😉

All my love x

Becca x

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