My Birth Stories…

All labors are different. I know that now!

I’ll start with the eldest, Rosie.

I was 39+3 when i went into labor with Rosie. On Saturday the 4th of May 2013 i went to my Granddad’s birthday party after trying the endless list of ways of trying to naturally induce labor that week. I was so chilled; i deffo needed it. I was exhausted. I got home around 11:00pm and went to bed. At 1:00am on the dot i was woken by the most awful pain i had ever experienced, i knew then that it was happening and i just paced around my aunties house for 3 hours. (to be sure it wasn’t braxton hicks.) At 4:00am i woke my aunt to tell her and we went down stairs to try and organise everything, My contractions where still every 10 minutes at this point. We phoned Rosie’s dad at 7am and he met us at my house. Fast forward a long day of pain we decided around 2pm to go the hospital. When we got there i was checked and i was only 1 and a half cm’s dilated so we went home. I had never been more upset in my life. We went home where my mum and Rosie’s dad got some sleep and i just let my body do what it needed too. At around 4am it was too much to bare and i woke everyone and said i needed to be seen. Off we went! When we got to the hospital i was checked and told i was only 3 cms Bloody cried at this point didn’t i! but they said i might as well stay as it was so early in the morning. For the next day and night i wasn’t progressing and no one would check me when i asked. I got given diamorpth and i slept for 30 minutes and then i was checked at around 4am again. 4cms! YAY! active labor.

I was transferred to labor ward and i was checked when i there… (It took 30 minutes to get transferred/settled/comfy and seen) and i was 6cms, bloody typical. They filled the pool and i got in, around 2 hours later i was checked again… 9cms, (oh how mad i was at my body for progressing so quick then and not before lol) I was told to push, and i did! Lots. for around 2 to 3 hours i was pushing and then Rosie’s heart rate dropped. I was rushed out of the pool and onto a bed and a few minutes later she was here. The love of my life. at 11:08pm on Tuesday the 7th of May 2013 weight 7lb 1 and a half ounces. She was originally going to be called Anna Belle, but when i looked at her you could just see that she wouldn’t fit that name. Me and Rosie’s dad where stuck untill a midwife came and checked her and told us “What rosie cheeks she has” and it just stuck. My little flower. ❤


Miyahs Birth was a little different, and a LOT quicker.

When I was 24 weeks with Miyah i had a labor scare. I had awful pains for 2 days and we thought I was going to go into labor (as well as me thinking my waters where going) I found out here that I had an infection called Group B Strep. This meant I couldn’t have the home birth I wanted, I was so upset. At 35 weeks I went into labor and I was terrified, I had gone to the hospital where i was told I wasn’t dilated and then my contractions stopped (Yes!) Then at 37 weeks and 2 days I was laid in bed watching TV with Michael and I coughed and thought I had wee’d myself. (how embarrassing)  but when I stood up it was still going and we knew then it was waters but neither of us wanted to admit it. We called Michael’s mum who was my birthing partner too and we went the hospital. I was monitored for a night and they decided because the risk of my infection was high they induce me. I was taken to labor ward at 8am and put straight on a drip and they broke my waters. My contractions came thick and fast and i was only 3cms when my contractions where every minute apart so they reduced the drip and I had gas and air and diamorpth; from there i don’t remember much. I remember being told was 7cm’s and then feeling like i was going to poo myself (TMI sorry haha!) I told whoever was around me that and then all I remember was everyone rushing in and telling me to push. I went from 7cms to 10 in a matter of seconds… literally. Michael had told me that when he got told I was 7cms he thought he had enough time for a cigarette and to phone my mum but he must have been outside for minutes before his mum had to rush out and tell him to come back. I remember that Michael had told them that he wanted to deliver the baby a couple hours before so he stood at my feet and introduced our baby girl into the world. At 8:05pm Miyah Anne Elizabeth was born weighing a tiny 5lb 9oz. I had trouble with my placenta and nearly had to go to theater but i somehow managed to avoid that.

Both labors where so different, Rosie was back to back which is supposed to hurt more but i felt that Miyah (who was) was more painful. I couldn’t have done it with out the support from my birthing partners.

Sorry it being so long.

(Starting next week i wont be posting blogs every day, as i am new i have a lot of ideas which is why i am posting every day currently. I will sort out a routine for my blogs around my family life, if you have any requests on topics you would like me to write about please leave a comment and don’t forget to follow me!)

Thank you for reading, as always its a pleasure.

Becca x

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