How we decided on Rosie’s name.

Rosie-Belle had a bit of a unsteady beginning with her name at the start.

When i found out i was pregnant with Rosie i was 14, and 29 weeks. You can read all about that here. I never wanted kids. I always had names that i used to call my dolls but i never thought that i would be naming a baby.


When me and Rosie’s dad had actually decided on a name, we had gone through hundreds of names. These are the ones i stood out:

  • Letty
  • Anna
  • Sophia

I have always loved the name Belle, so i when i was thinking some more, Anna-Belle popped in to my head and i fell in love instantly. We told everyone her name, i would call her Anna-Belle and everyone just loved it.


After i gave birth to Rosie, i took one look at her and said to her dad ‘She doesn’t look like a Anna-Belle at all’. SHIT!! We was talking for about an hour and a half and then a nurse came in and said to us ‘Doesn’t she just have the most rosy cheeks’. At that moment i fell in love all over again. I had told her dad i loved Belle so we decided on Rosie-Belle.


There where lots of people who where shocked and people who had to return personalised gifts but i wouldn’t change her name for anything. Every time i look at her she just look’s like a Rosie. My little flower.

Did you change your babies name at the last minute? 

Until next time,

Becca x


  1. Sometimes these names just come out of nowhere. I spotted my daughter’s name on a little girl’s jumper in 1996 and knew that’s what I would call my baby girl. I had a baby boy in 2001 and another in 2003. Would I ever have my little girl? I had her in 2006 and she has the name from the jumper and I love it! #MondayStumble

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  2. Such a cute story! My daughter didn’t have a name until I was 39 weeks pregnant! Her daddy is a photographer and Alina means “light” so we thought that was perfect! Her face fit perfectly with the name when we saw her. My Alina-Grace ❤️

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  3. I’ve honestly barely thought about potential baby names because I hoard the good ones for my characters in my writing! I know some people who have it all planned out, but honestly, things don’t always go as planned like you demonstrated here! I definitely know the feeling of not having a name right–it happens with my characters quite a bit!

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