The Meaning of Miyah’s name.

Every child’s name has some meaning behind it and today i’m sharing with you, the meaning behind Miyah’s name.

When Michael and I found out i was pregnant, we a long and hard journey of picking a name out for both a boy and a girl. Michael is extremely fussy and it needed it to be perfect.


We would sit for hours and hours going through lists and lists of names and said each aloud but every time there was a no from one us. At one point i thought we’d never name our baby!

Only when i found out i was having a girl, did it get a lot easier for us. Only by half haha! We had a few names on the list that we both liked, but never really fell in love with until we found Miyah. One day i was watching PLL and one of the characters was called Miyah, and i instantly fell in love. I started to sneakily sneak it into conversations.

” Oh babe, have you seen the shoes Miyah’s wearing” – as i pointed to the telly.

“I met someone today called Miyah”


I did that for about a week and when Micheal and I was talking about baby names again, I said i really liked the name Miyah and he agreed! Michael then sat me down and explained that he would like to have his Grandma’s name in Miyah’s, who passed away sadly in April 2016. Michael’s Grandma meant a lot to him so Miyah’s name fully is:

Miyah Anne Elizabeth.

To this day, i am in love with Miyah’s name and i can never get bored of saying it.

Do you know where your name came from? or where did your childs name come from? comment below and tell me 🙂

Until next time,

Becca x


  1. We choose Jared after months and months of baby name books. We ended up having two different colour highlights and each highlighted names we liked. Ones we both highlighted were put on the fridge and slowly crossed out as we went off them. By the time J was born it was down to Jared or Isaac …glad we went with Jared though as I can’t see him as an Isaac now x

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  2. I love her name 🙂 it’s so different Robin is named after the bird hah, my son is Malachi which is a biblical name and Amelia is named after Amelia Earhart 🙂

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  3. Shaniah was named after Shania Twain. I had just got in the car after finding out I was having a girl and Shania Twain was singing. I had never felt Shaniah kick before as she was in a funny position or something however this was the first time I felt it so it was only right that I called her this.

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