Top tips to get organised for school mornings.

I know that many mums struggle to get organised in the morning, running around like headless chickens trying to get everything ready and the kids out the door. So i have come up with my top tips to get everything ready and organised so you don’t have too worry.

The Night Before.

Here are some tips for the night before school, getting stuff ready the night before can save you a lot of time for the morning.

  1. Get all the uniforms laid out in piles ready. Putting your children/s clothes in piles ready, for the morning can save you a lot of time. Putting socks, underwear and uniform ready either in their rooms on on the sofa (wherever they get dressed) can save you time hunting them down.
  2. Getting pack lunches ready. If your child/ren have packed lunched i find it great to get it all ready and in the fridge the night before. Including drinks, this is especially good for hot days. Their drink will be nice and cool for them.
  3. Put shoes by the door. Then you know where they are, and you wont spend most your morning finding that other shoe!
  4. Put everything you need, by the door safely. For example; Key, purse, changing bag for babies so that you know you wont forget and you know where they are. Saves major time searching for the keys.
  5. Remember to sign what you need too. Reading books, homework, class letters.. sign them all and out in their bag ready. no rushed signatures!

The Morning.

  1. Set an alarm at a good time. It is never a good idea to get up 30 minutes before you have to leave the door.
  2. Everything that is upstairs, is done. For example, brushing teeth, having a wash, getting hair brushed and styled (If you do that upstairs), is all done before you venture downstairs. this will save lots of running up & down stairs.
  3. Easy but good breakfasts. Don’t try and give your child/ren big, out there breakfasts if you know it will make you late. A simple breakfast like toast or cereal with do just fine. (Maybe chuck a piece of fruit in there too if your child/ren will eat it.)
  4. Make sure you eat too. This goes without explaining.

Do you have any top tips for being organised in the mornings? Let me know below.

Until next time,

Becca x


  1. Good tips! I started laying out my clothes some nights for the next morning and it helps SO MUCH. Plus, I put more thought into what I wear and don’t always wear the same outfits.

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