Play Time at the Park.

Today we went for a walk into town and a walk into the park. Rosie loves to go to the park, its one of her favorite things to do. She usually have to take like 4 hours to get ready to go (okay maybe an over exaggeration) but we all love it just the same. Rosie loves playing in the sand pit and the swings. I managed today to catch some beautiful photos of the girls today and this blog is to basically show them off!

Rosie’s favorites at the park seem to be the bucket swing and the climbing frame. She also loves to sit and dig in the sand, covering herself in it then complain that the sands in her shoes.

we sometimes take a picnic down to the park for dinner but now miyahs here the weather gets a bit too cold. Good old England.

thank you for reading x

Becca x


    • Rosie loves the swings, she is always shouting at me to go higher 😂 makes me so nervous. The rope tunnel is amazing, it’s got a part slide at the end? Our town never finished it. It’s just two poles but everyone just puts their legs around the poles and slides down.

      They did. They love it. Thank you😋

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