Sizzling Summer Market Night!

Samantha, Over at A Thousand Yellow Daisies has set up an amazing opportunity for all you small shoppers to go crazy at her market night. With lots of different shops appearing it seems like it can be an amazing night!

It is called Sizzling Summer Market Night! you can go to the event page here.


The market night is on the 23rd of July and 7:30pm to 11pm, so plenty of time to make sure you get all your items! If you want to take a sneak peak before to see what sort of items you are looking at, here is a list of all the different brands so far:

(They are still accepting shops that fit!) The night will have lots of freebies! here is a FEW that you can grab!

  1. Free downloadable colouring pages created especially for the event from
  2. Free Downloadable screensavers from Matt Miles Photography
  3. Personal Haiku Poems being created and provided as a downloadable graphic
    Origami cranes.

All brands will be giving awesome discounts, including free postage; and discounts on items available. Samatha’s shop will have up to 50% discounts for the night!

There is also the chance to win a £10 voucher or one of 2 £5 vouchers to be spent with any of the shops involved on the night, how bloody amazing!

thumbnail_Vocuher win

A Thousand Yellow Daisies, Mino and Bonbon, Lunamoon Creations, Bagel Face, Sophia Lee Jewellery and Fox and Whale Designs will also be running an Instagram giveaway. There will be 6 chances to win. The giveaway will run in the week prior to the market night and will be a loop giveaway. Follow any of the brands involved and see the giveaway go live in a few weeks! The rules will be posted with the graphic, giving you a chance to win any one (or more!). Make sure you keep your eyes peeled over on their Instagram to see this!

Is there a better way to spend your Wednesday night?! Make sure you are following for more updates. See you there!!


Becca x

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  1. Thanks for featuring us! Should be a fantastic night, we can’t wait! x

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  2. Oh wow, this sounds amazing! Very interesting! I’m going to go check out the link now since it looks and sounds very appealing! x

    Liked by 1 person

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