Slimming World Journey


This week has been a bit up and down. I started the week brilliant!

Monday to Friday afternoon i was on plan and i stuck to it, with 10,000 steps each day and lots of speed foods i thought woah! This 3 and a half pounds is nothing. I got this. I had lots of different meals to try, including spag bol with spinach which i have never had before. I really liked it.

BUT Friday afternoon to Sunday Eve i was off plan, i ate some serious crap and i regretted it fully after, so Monday i was very good and did lots of walking, hoping for at least a maintain.

I have a new Instagram, where i share my Slimming World Journey  meals and ideas. You can follow me here:  @beccas.sw.journey.

Weigh in: +1lbs GAIN. 

This is my first gain since joining, so I’m not too upset about it, and its only a lb. Although now im sure if i can reach 1st lost before Christmas.

Until next week x

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  1. I think it’s crazy how the moment we start to diet and then have a bad day of eating, we immediately regret it! Our bodies know what’s best, and you’re doing great! Once the holidays pass I’m sure I’ll be even more committed to getting fit.

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  2. I’m sure you can do it! Have you measured yourself too? I found in days when I didn’t loose or I gain, I would’ve lost something on my body! Good luck for next week!! You can do this!

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