My weekly food plan! 

Here again to show you my weekly food shop. Due to moving we are cutting everything down to a tee. Literally buying what we need for meals and Rosie’s lunch box for nursery. We need every penny we can get.

Monday- Chicken stew. I cook my chicken stew in my slow cooker which my amazing mum got me for my birthday 😍 I will cook the chicken for about 4 hours on high, add seasoning and then when coooed shred the chicken and add water and veg. When cooked add gravey. Done 🤤

Tuesday- Lasnage. A favourite at our house at the minute.

Wednesday- Fish and chips. We have battered cod but Rosie has these awesome little cod bites in the shape of tiny little fish and she knows no different. She thinks they’re chicken nuggets!😂

Thursday- Fajitas.

Friday- Pasta Bake. Michael makes this meal, it’s bloody delicious. He had a ready salted crisps to the top with cheese and it adds an amazing crunch.

Saturday and Sunday- If it’s. If it says means that if they’re are any left overs in the fridge or freezer we usually have them instead of making a whole new meal. This is because Rosie is at her dads.

This weeks food shop came to £38 at Tesco.

(Ps due to how we feel on the day we may switch things around etc but we will always stick the meals on the plan.)

Thanks for reading x

Becca x


  1. My version of if it’s is what crazy, creative combinations can I make with odds and ends to put off grocery shopping as long as possible.

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