Vital Baby Table wear.

Struggling to find good looking and just right table wear for your children?

I was sent a beautiful table wear set to review by Lucy at Vital Baby.

I am always struggling to find plates and bowls, small enough for the kids, safe enough if they chuck it around and dishwasher safe for those on the go days. Miyah is always trying to grab stuff while i’m feeding her and loves to have a little play around with it.


I chose the rabbit design because Miyah loves her toy rabbit, and it matches that, its stunning and has some beautiful designs to it. They are not heavy at all, and are plastic. The bowl is the perfect size that i can get the right portions in for Miyah and the plate is the same. I have been looking for some while for a bowl like this, that has a flat top which can help me when clearing the bottom of her spoon. (Parent’s should understand what i mean haha!)


The bottom of the plate an bowl, has a rubber ring with some rubber feet, allowing it to sit steady on whatever surface you put it on. The rubber really does make it stay still but the only fault is they could pick it up and throw it haha.


I personally love these bowls, and i highly recommend these to any parents who want some decent table wear. I really like the patterns and the rubber makes it so much easier for me when juggling two kids while doing 10 other jobs!


Until next time,

Becca x

*I was sent these products in exchange of an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*


  1. The design is so pretty! I love how it has the rubber on the bottoms… although as you said, it doesn’t prevent them from picking them up and throwing across the room!

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