5 things to do without the children!

Of course, having children fills your heart with love. You never want to leave your child’s side, nor can you imagine ever having fun without them again! I promise you now, you can have fun without them and it does actually do some good to spend a couple hours away. (As much as you hate…

My dream honeymoon.

Ever since my Auntie Lucille went to the Dominican Republic for her honeymoon, I have been determined to go since for mine. I was.. maybe a tad bit jealous.

The Car Crash.

Back in 2015, Michael and I where in a minor road traffic incident. 

5 year goal, parent style.

I have wanted to do a post like this for a while as it’s always nice to set yourself goals and to look back and see if you have managed to get there. I have my goals set out and I would love to look back in 5 years to see if I managed to…