Christmas Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for someone in your family? My guide can help you decide.

Piccolo Toddler Foods.

As Miyah has grown up, we have tried really hard to try her with new foods, and foods we wouldn’t normally try.

Bakersdays PLUS Discount Code!

Who doesn’t love a bit of cake? I mean, for any occasion! And one that fits through your letterbox? It’s amazing. I was so excited to receive this in the post and to choose to the design and flavours. I picked a chocolate chip cake, with this design above on it. Writing Michaels name as…

My Slimming World Journey!

This week, like last has been horrific, I have tried to stay on plan but i just couldn’t do it. I had some good meals with lots of speedy fruit and veg but bloody hell, im so disappointed with my self. Ill share some of my meals: To say this week i have been extremely…