XLS Medical Shakes.

Im sure everyone has seen the adverts for XLS medical, so when it came to them contacting me and asking to work with them, I said yes.

Wicked Uncle Big Kidz!

Wicked uncle is a huge online store for gifts! They have recently made a Big Kidz section and we was asked to try some stuff out!

Piccolo Toddler Foods.

As Miyah has grown up, we have tried really hard to try her with new foods, and foods we wouldn’t normally try.

MyHummy Review!

Ever since Miyah was a baby, we have had no problem whats so ever with her sleeping, unless she is teething. The problem we had, has now been saved by this amazing teddy!

Brush Baby Review.

I love working with Brush Baby and i was so lucky to be send some more products to try as Miyah grows.