Will I Fit into My Old Bras After Breast Lift?

There are several reasons to consider getting a breast lift. Many women who have lost weight, breastfed, and even those experiencing the effects of gravity may find it to be a satisfying option. Over time, the breasts begin to lose shape and start to create a “sagging” look. Most women find this sagging look unpleasant but thankfully, there are options! With a breast lift, a qualified plastic surgeon can lift and reshape the contour of a woman’s chest. With this minimal invasive surgery, any woman can get back to feeling her best and gain her confidence back!

While considering a breast life, there are several pre-op and post-op questions that a patient may be wondering about. One of those questions is probably will my old bras fit me after the surgery?

Surgical Bra

Following the surgery, all patients will go home with a surgical bra. Surgical bras are necessary after surgery because they typically are made of high-quality fabrics and do not have a wire or excessive trim. The bra is fitted to accommodate the post-op swelling and is made to fit comfortably to avoid any excessive discomfort to the healing stages. This bra is typically worn for about a week after surgery or until your doctor approves you to wear your own bras again.

The Stages of Healing

As with any surgery, your body is going to need time to recover. For the first few days after surgery, it is required that a patient does not try to partake in too much physical activity. As for the bra, as mentioned before, a surgical bra will be worn for about a week or more depending on the doctor’s recommendations. The surgical bra will help keep the breasts in place and provide as much comfort to the patient as possible.

After the doctor approves the patient to not wear the surgical bra anymore, it is recommended that the patient wear something similar such as a sports bra that provides support. A sport’s bra will work as it will hold the breasts in place and also provide comfort. It is probable that all sports bras worn before the surgery will fit the patient after. To help the healing process, it is usually not recommended that a patient try to rush back into their old bras – especially if they have a wire.

It still fits!

After about six weeks, the breasts should be just about fully recovered. At this point, a patient may be eager to get back into their old habits. This may include reaching into the underwear drawer and pulling out your favorite bra. Once you realize that it still fits, you couldn’t be happier to know that you won’t have to go out and purchase new bras. However, just because the bra seems to fit doesn’t mean that it is high enough quality to protect your newly shaped breasts. Here are a few things to check to make sure you are wearing a high-quality bra:

* Is the fabric uncomfortable?

* Do you find yourself constantly repositioning your bra throughout the day?

* Do your bras match your lifestyle?

* How old are the bras?

* Is the elastic stretched beyond repair?

* Are there wires poking through?

These questions can be a good indicator of whether your bra is a good fit for you. Over time, bras do begin to wear down and start to lose the support a patient needs. It is typically recommended that women replace their bras every six months to a year, depending on the quality of bra purchased. Some bras may be able to last longer depending on a number of factors.

What About Support?

While you may find that your bras prior to surgery still fit, they may not be providing the support that you actually need. Many low-quality bras do not offer much support if any at all. Low-quality fabric can lead to the breasts becoming victims to the effects of gravity once again. It is highly recommended that if a patient is unsure if their bra offers enough support, to seek recommendations. Many stores provide a consultant who will measure the breasts to help find the perfect fit. If support wasn’t an issue in the past, after surgery, it becomes key to keeping the new merchandise in place.

The Best Bra!

Even if you find that your bras are in top-knot shape and meet the requirements for support and quality, you still may want to buy a new bra just to showcase your new breasts! Websites that offer high-quality bras are ThirdLove and True&Co. Each bra that is purchased is tailored to your perfect fit. These bras are designed to support and leave a comfortable all day fit feeling. Some women who have used these bras claim that they don’t even realize that they are

wearing a bra. So, if you are ready to make a change in your wardrobe and treat yourself a little more, we would love to help you fit the perfect bra!

The Best of the Best

Dr. Donald Roland is known as one of the top cosmetic surgeons in New York City. With over 20 years of reconstructive experience, Dr. Roland will provide the safest and most satisfying results available. Dr. Roland is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a fellow the American College of Surgeons as well as a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Roland has also received the James McBride Sterett Jr. Aware in physics and the Leo M. Davidoff Award for his contributions to plastic surgery education. Dr. Roland is committed to quality and satisfaction of each patient.

If you’re in need of a breast lift in the NYC area, contact Dr. Roland

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