Invisalign Vs. Veneers For Making Your Smile Perfect

You can make your teeth look perfect when you choose Invisalign or veneers that will correct your teeth, make you feel much more confident in yourself, and will help you keep your smile as straight as possible. These are two completely different ways for you to fix your teeth, and you should start looking at your best options considering the state of your teeth. There are many people who choose the dental correction tray system because it is simple. However, there are more who choose veneers because they can be done quickly. Look at each step to learn which would be best for you.

Invisalign (Teeth Correction Trays)

This system is a silicone tray that you wear in your mouth at night. Your teeth are pushed into the right places using these trays, and they slowly shift over time so that you can get the best possible smile. You should choose this system if you want to truly correct your teeth. Your teeth get straight, and they could be brightened with a whitening system once they are perfect.

Teens and adults can use this system because it is worn at night where no one is watching. You do not need to live your life dodging these trays, and you will never feel as though you are in a place where the trays get in the way. You must use these trays if you have had problems with braces, and you could get them for teens because a teenager will not want to wear braces to school.

Invisalign is the best possible way for you to actually correct your smile without using braces. The trays are not hard on your body, and they will be easy for you to remove from your mouth in the morning. You can see the results in the mirror every morning, and you could use the trays for just a couple months before your teeth move back to where they are supposed to be. You should be certain that you have selected this system when you know that you need to truly fix your teeth. Veneers are slightly different, but they could be helpful to you.


You can have veneers installed on your teeth when you want to create a facade that shows off a lovely smile. Many famous people get veneers because they can be adjusted to make you look your best. Veneers are easy to install, and they look clean. You could have them replaced at any time, but you need to remember that you need these veneers before you need to attend a major party, get married, or potentially go to a family reunion. There are a number of reasons for you to get veneers, but the most important is that they can be installed fast.

There are people who will find that wearing veneers if very hard. These people might have concerns about how they will eat with veneers on, and they might be afraid that they will be broken. You must think of your own anxiety around your teeth, and you might want to ask the staff what they would do based on what you have told them. Ask the staff what they think works best for people in your situation, or fix your teeth before going to veneers.

People will be excited by your big smile, but they might think that veneers are too obvious. That can be an issue for you if you think that people are judging you because you had this work done. There are a number of people who would prefer to do the tray system because they want people to see that they actually put the work in to solve their crooked teeth. You also need to see if you have people around you who will appreciate an instantly perfect smile. They might get a good impression from you, or you might need to move slower because you are afraid of being judged.

Which Should You Choose?

To make a clear decision, you’d have to go to a consultation with a professional. You must have a full exam of your teeth, and you might need to have either one done depending on what you feel is best for you. You might be told to do something specifically because you only have so many options, and you will discover that you have to do something to keep your teeth in good condition. If you are concerned about how your teeth will look while you are fixing them, ask your dental care professional on how to proceed.

Each alternative has its pros. The tray system that you use to fix your teeth is healthier overall because it can make your teeth straighter. Your teeth are less vulnerable to problems because they are straight, and you can avoid various dental conditions that people get when they have crooked teeth.

You can have veneers installed in one appointment, and you can fix your teeth in trays that will only last for a couple of months. You are saving time, and you will spend less money because you are getting the job done faster. The simplest thing that you can do to fix your teeth is to ask the dentist how fast this can be done.


You have a number of ways to solve your problems with your smile. Your smile cannot improve if you have not done something that can make people take notice of you. You could get your teeth fixed with a simple tray system, or you could sue the veneers to make a great smile in an hour or two. You need a full consultation for your smile, and you need all the information that the dentist can offer. Come talk to Dr. Andy Gaertner about what he will do for you because he has many ways of helping someone in your position. If you are thinking of getting Invisalign in the Kendall area, feel free to visit his site for more info

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