Preparations Needed for Undergoing Rhinoplasty

Getting plastic surgery procedure is a common practice nowadays. Technology and research have become so advanced that it is, now, possible to enhance and slightly alter one’s features. People get lip surgery, breast surgery, cheekbone surgery and many others which help them to attain their desired body sequence. Therefore, plastic surgeons as well as plastic surgery, both are very much in trend. One such surgery is rhinoplasty.

What is rhinoplasty?

The plastic surgery of the nose is a procedure that involves restructuring the nose as per the demands of a patient. It is done in two ways- either the present cartilage bones are cut down or modified, or more cartilage bones are transplanted along with already existing cartilage. Most of the times, surgery is performed on the noses which are either fractured or severely injured in some accident. In such cases, the ultimate goal of a plastic surgeon is to regain the shape of the nose which existed before.

To do list before surgery

It is not as simple as going to a surgeon, asking him/her for surgery and having it within a matter of minutes. Rather, it is a bit complex and structured process. Before you decide to have a nose surgery, you need to go and see your surgeon. He will go for a proper survey of your face and most specifically nasal region. He will let you know if the operation could be performed on the targeted area and whether you will achieve desired nose size and shape or not. Moreover, your complete medical history is also a matter of concern when going for any such kind of surgery. In addition to this, your health, present medication and other related details are also equally important.

Surgeons avoid performing surgeries on patients having hemophilia. It is because this condition is accompanied by excessive bleeding. Hemophilia can create a situation during surgery that can prove to be life-threatening. Nature of skin is also keenly checked. Sometimes, the surgeon recommends few blood tests as well as other laboratory tests.

In some cases, other surgeries are required along with nose surgery. This is because, sometimes, several changes in jawline or cheekbone, help in foregrounding the result of surgery. The surgeon also decides if only one or more than one operations would be carried out in one sitting.

Nose is also photographed from different angles. X-ray reports delineate the position of bone and flesh and help the surgeon in better understanding the points where intersection, modification or transplantation that will be suitable.

Precautions for the surgery

Two weeks before the operation, stop taking painkillers like ibuprofen and aspirin. These must also be avoided after the surgery for almost another two weeks. The reason is that these painkillers thin down the blood and as a result blood clotting is slowed down. Hence, this can result in a lot of bleeding during surgery. And excessive blood loss is never a good sign. Therefore, do share the details of your medication with your surgeon and let him/her suggest the rest of the preventions.

Smokers must think twice before getting nose surgery because nicotine contained in cigarette acts as a hurdle in recovering quickly. It blocks blood vessels of the body. As a result of which oxygen and blood cannot reach the targeted tissues quickly, and the recovery faces calamities. So quit smoking and consult your doctor in this regard.

What is the procedure of the surgery?

It can be done either in a hospital, clinic or healthcare center having the proper equipment. The first step involves giving anesthesia which is given via the nasal cavity. Along with nose, numbness spreads in the entire face as well. Sometimes such drugs are also introduced in the body through IV injection which either makes the patient unconscious or introduce groggy effect.

Once the patient is unconscious, the next step begins. Surgeon starts making intersecting points and cut down the inside of nostrils. Cuts are made in such a way that they only separate flesh from bone and the cartilage is exposed. Rest of the procedure is performed on the cartilage. If it needs to cut down to a shorter one, the surgeon just cuts it off. However, if more cartilage needs to be added, it is taken from ear cartilage and inserted in the nose cartilage. Even then, if the cartilage falls short, then surgeon either go for an implant or uses the method of bone grafting. After that, they stitch it and close it with a bandage.

In general, surgery requires around one to two hours. However, if the situation becomes complex, then it may take longer depending upon the circumstances.

How long is the recovery period?

A piece of metal, and most of the times, a metallic splint is placed on the nose which keeps the nose in its exact position and helps it gain the newly given shape and size. After the surgery is done, the patient is moved to a recovery room and is kept under observation for a few hours. If everything stays normal, the patient is discharged. If anything happens, critical monitoring of patient begins, and required treatment is given at the moment.

Dressings and cotton buds are sometimes left in the nose which makes patients uncomfortable, but they must bear it for one to two weeks as recommended by the doctor. Stitches, however, dissolve if they are absorbable stitches. If not, then patients go and get them removed following a week after surgery. Moreover, medication is given by the doctor which speeds up the recovery process.

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