My break.

Hi all,

I know, i know… its been a while. Let me explain.

Come to the end of November/ Start of Demeber, I was writing posts and I was dreading opening up that laptop. I knew I was going to have to force myself to finish and that is something I have never wanted for my writing.

I decided that once my gift guide was up, I was going to take a break over Christmas and come back January 1st. I had a rough time over the holidays and decided that the 1st would be too close to start and I decided that I would go back when I am ready.

So here I am!

I know I have disapointed a lot of you and especially myself by taking such a long time off. I also know I shouldnt have to explain myself.. but i wanted to let it known.

When I started writing, I would look so forward to sitting down, cuppa tea & some headphones and writing till my hands hurt.

I started feeling very drained and running out if ideas quickly. This, is something I never wanted for my website. I love bringing you guys new content and enjoying writing myself. As well as my home troubles I just was not in the right frame of mind…

I know feel like I can do it again, I have a few ideas in my mind and I am ready to go!

I look forward to the future.. especially with you guys.

Until next time,

B x

One Comment Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    Glad your back! Often a break can refresh the mind and cause better stories to be shared! Love you x


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