Christmas Gift Guide: Children’s.

Children can go either way at Christmas. Really easy to buy for.. or you struggle like hell. Here is my guide to the perfect gifts for your children this Christmas.

Jasmin’s Handarbeiten Is a small and amazing handmade crochet shop, she makes some amazing pieces and if someone you know, have a love for handmade items, she is your lady! Check her out!

Personalised Disney Books. These are amazing for little keepsakes for babies and smaller children. There is a wide variety of different Disney stories to choose and you can have a certain amount of characters to choose a message to have. inside the book. You can find yours on their website!


Kim & Kin is a all natural and eco-friendly brand with a range of nappies to skin care, perfect for those tiny babies who you just don’t know what to buy for.

Johnson’s baby bed time range is perfect for those babies ready to be born or those little newborn who cant quite play with toys yet. The bedtime range is perfect in helping getting your baby the perfect night sleep. You can find this in any major shop.

Have an older child, who loves a bit of tech? The Sphero Mini toy is perfect thing for them. Learning to navigate and move the little sphere around!

The night before Christmas book is perfect for Christmas eve boxes and those little bookworms. Perfect for the 24 book advent calendar too!

Zoo imagination biscuits are perfect gluten and lactose free biscuits for those kids who have a special requirements when it comes to foods! Available at Tesco!

Slime baff, Gelli Baff & Snoballs are amazing for sensory play and those indoor messy play days! Fill your bath with Slime or Gelli and go wild, all while the Gelli gets dissolved again and turns back to liquid, making it easier to pour down the plug!

Wentworth Wooden Puzzles are amazing for those older children who love a challenge!



What is your favourite part of your Christmas dinner?


Until next time,


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  1. Lovely post. I like the ideas you have shared. 🙂


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