Making Lunch Times Different with Baby Led Spreads.

Now Miyah is older, and we are experimenting more we decided to give the BabyLed Spreads a try to see if she would like them!


I am always trying to find new ways of getting new and interesting flavours into Miyah. I love that she tries new things so this was perfect. The purees where soft, but a little chunky. This is great for Miyah as she loves to chew, and it gives her that little texture to play with.


I tried so many different things with these purees! I tried it in a sandwich, on toast.. I also mixed it in with pasta for a sauce. Miyah loved trying each and every one and really enjoyed it on pasta the most!


The spreads have really helped get some new flavours into Miyah and we have enjoyed experimenting with new things! I do recommend anyone who is baby led weaning to try these! They are so good!!


Until next time,


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