Getting Fit with Fourfit!

Since having Rosie, I have been yoyo dieting to try and get to my happy weight. (3)

I have tried so many different diets over the years and I’ve finally decided that I need to stop worrying as much and track calories and just not worry! The more I worry, the more I end up binging and throwing everything I have worked towards,and throwing away away everything I have worked for. I like to be able to see what I am doing as well and making sure i getting the right amount of stuff in.

This is where I find the Four Fit Smart Watch to be really good for this situation. It helps me track my steps, and it can motivate you to get to your step goal everyday! You can see the watch and you’ll be about ‘1,300 steps away’ from your target and you will be motivate to get it done, and go all the way to completing it.

The watch also has sleep tracking, heart rate tracking, calorie counting, vibration alarms and more! The Four Fit is the perfect device for anyone who loves to challenge their selves.

The watch is a lovely pink colour but can come in other colours and is charged by a standard USB charger. At a affordable price of £29.99 its a great gift! Check it out and see what you think!

Until next time,



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