Filling your house with memories!

If you have been reading for a while now, you will know that we have been working on redecorating our house.

Its so important to us to have our house filled with pictures and memories. We love seeing all the fun times e shared together in our house and its always nice for visitors to come and see as well!

When I received my canvas from Tesco Photos, I was so pleased with it. Now to be truthful, when I ordered the size (20″x16″) I didnt have a clue what the actual size was, I guessed and thought well have a big enough space in my living room for a large one so it didn’t bother me that much. I ordered a lovely picture of the girls in their matching outfits. I need more up to date photos of them and this was the perfect opportunity.

I picked the canvas up and i was so happy with it! It was REALLY large like first thought, and I really like the way its made. It is extremely good quality and the picture isn’t pixalated at all. I have really struggled in the past with finding good quality canvas’s.

We love our canvas!

Do you fill your home with memories and pictures? Let me know below! (Its really helps!)

Until next time,


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