Making Lunch Times Fun with Rhythem 108 goodies!

Ever struggle to try and get good but tasty snacks for your children? I have just the thing!

I love experimenting with food with the kids, trying out new things and letting them try things that are gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar are great to get their palettes going!

Rhythm 108 provides goodies that are perfect for lunchboxes! Perfect for a healthy lunch box at school! With biscuits, cakes and snack bars these are amazing and tasty! The lemon and ginger chia share bag i admit was my favourite! I love dunking them in my tea, they taste amazing and are great for a small bite to eat, just to get you by!


The muffins are a big hit with the kids and to be honest its really shocked me, them never trying the gluten free food i thought they might not enjoy it but they did and it was amazing. Im so glad the kids loved them!

Overall we where a huge fan of the snacks and we loved them loads! Especially Miyah who is experimenting with different foods and tastes!


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