Going from 0-80mph in 2.3 seconds.

Saturday the 22nd of September 2018 I ticked a big thing off my bucket list!

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Thorpe Park is something I have always really wanted to do. We got the tickets a few weeks ago and started planning straight away. I took my Michael, My mum and Matthew (Michaels Cousin).

We left at 6am to make sure we had enough time for a pit stop for food, and enough time to make sure we got there early enough to not be in a massive queue. It was a 2 hour and 20ish minute journey without the stops so it took roughly 3ish hours to get there. We stopped at a service and had a little food and a stretch.

We got to Thorpe Park around 9:30am and got to the front gate! Obviously the first thing I wanted to do was grab a selfie!! I was so excited! We all scanned our tickets and we where in!

42393941_2061690167208916_2426962044738600960_n (1)

The first place you go to is a big dome, filled with shops, food, coffee places and gift shops. It was awesome. You had to wait there till it was 10am, so we could all enter the park. There was a guy on the speaker who would be counting down for us. Be careful in this bit though- It was very crowded and very easily you can get lost from your crowd.

When we first got into the park, we had already decided the first ride we would go on was stealth. That’s something we all would wanted to do a lot and we basically ran there to avoid as much lines as possible. Without realising, we where in the ‘Front seats’ lane. Where you get the first front 2 seats. We didn’t realise and thought we where all going on together! This made it a little more fun! Me and Michael where the first to go on, and honestly it was amazing! It is the best ride to start with to get your adrenaline pumping! going from 0 to 80 mph in 2.3 seconds was amazing. Overall that was my favourite ride! Here are the freaking hilarious pictures from that ride! (More to come!)



Through the day, we managed to go on all the major rides, apart from Darren Browns Ghost Train due to Michaels Epilepsy. The whole park wasn’t that busy to what I have seen from other peoples photos. Although the weather was a little rubbish, it did rain a little all day but nothing major until the very end. We also went on Colossus, The Swarm, The Walking Dead, Nemesis, Saw and Detonator.

The whole day was honestly so much fun. We all had such an aderline pumping time, its really worth the day trip, and I can’t recommend enough trying to get on every ride. Do think about booking ahead and planning as much as you can because this can save you so much time on the day, and give you the best experience you can!

Have you ever been to Thorpe Park?

Until next time,


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