Hunkemöller’s Pamela Reif’s Collection.

“Every woman is beautiful. It just takes the right lingerie to emphasise the beauty that you already have”. 

Pamela Reifs new collab with Hunkemöller looks absolutely stunning online,  Her collection is quite large and there are so many different things to choose from. From bras to night sets, you will have a hard time picking!

I was sent the shorts, from her collection. The delivery was quick and fast, and came with a gorgeous bag to put the shorts in in case they are a gift for another person. The bag is small enough for just the shorts and it is decorated nicely to give just like that with no worry of wrapping.


The shorts are a green colour, with a bow on the front and some lace down the sides. It also has a P charm, on the front. The shorts are very true to their size, and for very well for me. I always find it hard to find shorts that fit not only my waist but the bum area as well. The shorts are comfortable to wear and are nice for bed time shorts.

In my opinion, the shorts where a bit rough. There was fraying a lot around different places, making it look like it wasn’t stitched properly and look a bit rushed. The P charm is also very loose and looks like it could come off quite easily.


Other than those problems, the shorts fit really well and i like the design on the side. They are very cute and look really nice on.

*The link to the shorts are at the top of the post.*

Until next time,


I was gifted these shorts for an honest review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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