Getting some sleep with Myhummy

A little while back, you may remember seeing my post about Pearl!

Ever since Pear came into our life.. Miyah’s sleep routine has changed so much. Before Pearl, she would wake u from her sleep about 5-9 times. Crazy… I know!! Once I got Pearl, it took a few days for Miyah to get used to her but once she had got over the first meet.. they are best friends. Miyah rarely goes anywhere without her, and when we do she doesn’t sleep at all.


Recently I received a gorgeous blanket made by MyHummy, We haven’t really used a duvet for Miyah yet because I have been nervous, and this blanket is bigger than a normal blanket, and thicker. Moving to the next step of a duvet.


The blanket is a gorgeous pink colour, with bobbles all over. The back is white with stars and little teddy bear faces on. The blanket is 30 x 40 inches so it is pretty big. It fills up a large part of Miyah’s cot and I must admit myself, it is very warm, and cosy. The blanket it’s self too is heavy, but not like extremely so it helps her feel safe. Ever since Miyah was a baby she has enjoyed being cuddled and swaddled.


We have been loving our blanket and I think Miyah loves it too. She has been carrying it round and cuddling it all throughout the day.


Until next time,




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  1. Micah says:

    She’s adorable!

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