Saving the town with PJ masks.

Do you have a massive PJ masks lover at home? This game is for you.

Ravensburger have an amazing new game, with the PJ masks crew. Helping save the day from Romeo!

This game is a bored game, perfect for little ones who love watching the show. Its easy to understand and once you start playing you can’t stop!

Using your 3 figures, and the robots- you have get the clock ticking down from 7 to 0 to win the game. If your robots reach the PJ masks headquarters by the time you reach the 0 on the clock, you loose the game. Getting rid of the robots in your path, and defeating Romeo is an exciting, and thrilling game.

This game was really great for Rosie, she understood quite quickly and was using her knowledge while looking at the bored to decide the right move to take. She also made a really goo attempt at reading each card she choose. We must have played the game about 3 times in total before bed and every time she finished, she was asking again and again to play.

The game is really good for getting the little ones involved and testing their knowledge and how well they can problem solve. Moving each piece and using their number skills!

I do recommend this game for a good old fashioned family night! It is fun, and the instructions are easy to use.

What’s your little ones favourite PJ Mask hero?

Until next time,


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