Halloween Fun & Games!

With Halloween creeping up, we all love a good scare, but whats fun to do other than trick or treating? Look at my guide to fun and games at Halloween time!

Squidgy Doodle is a craft box which provide an amazing Halloween box of goodies to get your little one crafting! From slime to painting, you cant go wrong! You can make some awesome little hand made gifts with this set, or just an afternoon of fun craft! MYGIRLS 10% OFF TILL OCTOBER 24TH

Making your own Halloween treats is also a great way to have some fun to get creative! Pinterest is a fabulous place to start to find some things to do. Marshmallow ghosts and graveyard cheesecake. There are so many different things you can do.

Do you like to send gifts at Halloween? How about a cake through their letter box? Bakers days provides awesome cakes through the letter box. They have a lot of designs and you can personalise the cake yourself! These are an amazing treat and perfect for anyone who loves Halloween!


Do you someone who LOVES Halloween that much, that they would love to count down the days in a spooky way? This calendar from Festive Lights is perfect for you. Counting down each day at they come, till the big night! #FLHalloween



Whats your favourite part about Halloween?

Until next time,


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