Seatox Beauty Products

Pamper night in with in the girls?


Us mums deserve a pamper night once in a while. A night off to relax and look after yourself. Whether that be having a bath and reading a book or using face masks and having a glass of wine.. a pamper night is a pamper night.

I try my hardest to look after my skin, and try to use my favourite beauty products as and when I can. So when Seatox offered me to try some of their beauty products I couldn’t resist saying yes.

I was gifted: ‘Selkie Smooth‘ which is a bag of Wild Seaweed. You out this in the bath and soak in it, after a while you rub it into your skin and your face to give you a silky smooth feel on your skin. You can use it for two baths then afterwards it makes a fantastic compost and fertiliser for any plants or veggies you might be growing. Retailing at £6.95!



I was also gifted ‘100% raw kelp‘. This is a large bag of powder which you can add either of the following too: Rose Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Coconut Oil or Olive Oil. Once you have added it, it turns to a face mask. There is quite a lot of powder in there so I think it will last a really long time as well. This is retailing at £8.95.

The face mask is not recommended if you have Thyroid problems, to consult your doctor if you are pregnant and to not exceed 5g per week. Not suitable for Iodine allergies.



These products leave your skin feeling amazing and I love using them!!

Until next time,


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  1. this sounds lovely, I do like a good face mask and “me time/2 when i get the chance.


  2. This looks like a great idea for me time for mums, and much more achievable if you are busy than going out or having time alone x

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