Prestige Hamper Gift

Ever had a problem when trying to figure out what to get for your friend who is having a baby?

My Girls & me

Figuring out what gift to get for someone who is having a baby? It can be tough when you have no idea.


Gifting for a baby can be hard when they have everything. The parents usually get everything the baby needs and then your stuck. You could go for something simple and get an outfit, or some little booties but then you can go for something like this:


Prestige Hampers provides quality gifts for every occasion. This hamper is a complete baby boys hamper. Perfect for the newborn gift. The Hamper includes:

  • A Plush Toy,
  • A ‘It’s A Boy’ Balloon,
  • A Comforter,
  • A pop up card,
  • A vest,
  • Mittens
  • A hat,
  • Socks,
  • & a gorgeous wicker basket.

My personal opinion of the basket is, that it is a amazing. The plush toy and the comforter are extremely soft, making them the perfect toy. The socks are knitted and very soft, and adorable. The vest, mitts and hats are plain, so that they will go with any outfit. The basket can be used for anything and even another hamper that’s home made if wanted.


I decided to give this hamper to a close friend who has just had a baby, i felt that she would enjoy this for her son, and instead of stressing over the perfect gift to get her; the hamper is many different gifts.

Overall we really loved the hamper and we do recommend it for anyone who struggles to find a gift. Take a look at their website for more hampers, for any occasion.

Until next time,


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